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Quick Draw Gun Bed

Announcing a new product from Mountain Woods Furniture — The Quick Draw Gun Bed!

Quick Draw Gun Bed Photo
Every hunter’s dream, Mountain Woods Furniture is proud to introduce the
Mountain Woods Furniture Quick Draw Gun Bed
This Quick Draw Gun Bed not only will keep you warm and cozy at night: it will also
keep you safe from intruders!
The innovative head board conceals a gun and is ready with just a push!
Simply place your hands against the head board push and your gun drops right in your
palms! To reposition the gun in its hiding spot, place the gun in hand, push the head board
in while sliding the gun back into place.

Photo showing Quick Draw Gun Bed hidden compartment with gun visible Photo showing Quick Draw Gun Bed locking mechanism

Also featuring adjustable springs to tighten or loosen the tension of the headboard,
Locking mechanisms in each corner of the head board,
and your gun rests safely on a padded ledge behind the aspen half log detailed

Donít be scared be prepared,
Mountain Woods Furnitureís Quick Draw Gun Bed!

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